"Steps urged to end trafficking"


Speaking at a Government Forum to Combat Trafficking in Persons in the Middle East in Bahrain earlier this week, Dame Sara Thornton described modern slavery and human trafficking as an “international challenge”, highlighting the need for cooperation between countries to combat this crime.

Dame Sara also called for an increase in convictions for trafficking and education for employers about workers’ rights.

The forum was attended by regional experts, the Department of State of the United States, UNODC and IOM and was hosted by the Chief Executive of Bahrain's Labour Market Regulatory Authority, Mr Ausamah Al-Absi.


"Steps urged to end trafficking" (Gulf Daily News, 17/10/19)

Ms Thornton said modern slavery and human trafficking are often linked to people who migrate from one part of the world to another.

“When newcomers are in a strange country where they don’t know anyone or find it difficult to find work or accommodation they often become vulnerable to traffickers.”

She said domestic workers should be aware of their obligations and rights.

“We should also educate employers that it’s not right to ask their servants to work for 20 hours a day.”