Dame Sara Thornton highlights “long and tortuous” delays in decision making for modern slavery victims.


Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner Dame Sara Thornton has raised her serious concerns about delays to Home Office decision making for potential victims of modern slavery in an interview with Danny Shaw for Policing TV’s ‘Talking Crime’ programme. Dame Sara highlighted that some individuals within the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) are having to wait for more than 500 days for their case to be concluded, and she stated that the decision making process should be removed from Home Office control and placed with local safeguarding agencies.

The Commissioner’s comments are covered in an article by The Telegraph Home Affairs Editor Charles Hymas.

Both news pieces also highlight the Commissioner’s concerns about the impact of Clause 62 of the Nationality and Borders Bill, which aims to disqualify certain victims of modern slavery from NRM support, on UK efforts to support victims of modern slavery and ability to prosecute traffickers.

Watch the full ‘Talking Crimes’ interview here.

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